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The school curriculum is based on the state education board and conducts CBSE examinations accordingly.


In keeping with the SR Spirit and ideology, SR Digi School not only focuses on academics, but gives equal importance to sports, hobbies and cultural activities. The school has sufficient space outdoors for games, besides providing space for indoor sporting activities.

Cultural Activities

Besides studies, students at are also encouraged to take time off to participate in cultural activities ranging from theatre to recitation etc.

Hobbies & Crafts

Encouragement in pursuing hobbies and craft is something that is inculcated right from the time a student shows interest. This goes a long way in making a child enjoy what he or she is doing besides enabling the mind to get creative.


A healthy mind and a healthy body help one to live better. Keeping this as a mantra. The school also conducts Yoga classes for students to stay fit and healthy.


Expression is an art form and what better way than to show it in the form of dance. The school thus encourages those interested to step on to the stage and get proficient in the form that inspires the most.

Social Conscience

From environmental concerns to doing something for a social cause, the school gets students into the right frame of mind to extend their services and make a mark on the social front.

Adventure Excursions

Taking time off to explore and be amongst nature is something that SR does in order to widen the horizon of its students. Regular excursions and adventure trips enable children to familiarize themselves with the environment and discover new things.