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Digital Classrooms

SR takes another unique step forward in its unwavering quest to bring the best forms of education to every student. By using technology as a learning tool it adds life, color and a new meaning to the way education is imparted.

This new age technology enables faster understanding of subjects using a Digital interface that enables the teacher to teach using multimedia effectively.

While it powerfully communicates, the technology is also affordable and within reach as well. Opening up a new dimension in learning, it enables the student to grasp subjects easily, enliven imagination and comprehension. Thus every student gets the advantage of easily identifying and learning by seeing, hearing, and experiencing in two and three dimensional mode on screen. It also helps the teacher explain more clearly using all possible means to illustrate a point.

This technology gives your child an edge in three important areas:

Comprehension - gives students the power to grasp an idea quickly
Retention - helps students in retaining knowledge
Understanding - enables students to figure out complex concepts
The digital system comprises of Digiboard system with a PC connected to a knowledge centre in the school premises. Using digital resources like animations, video clips and stimulated models, the multimedia format helps students understand and retain knowledge faster and more easily.

The advantages of Digital Classrooms:

  • Animations, video clips & stimulated models to explain & teach specific topics
  • Stress-free learning
  • Enables multi-sensory learning
  • Improves the academic performance
  • Improves teachers efficiency & productivity
  • Enables instant assessment in class


SR is proud to launch a chain of schools equipped with this new age technology.

SR Digi School has classes from Nursery to class X and all of them are equipped with the latest technology including Digi screens. The amenities also include laboratories for different subjects.