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The IIT launch pad

SR also offers a program to get high school students who are intent on pursuing engineering as a career, ready for the IIT exam. This program is built in to the curriculum and provides the ideal foundation for a smooth transition into the IIT arena. The program enables students to get a head start when it comes to gaining entrance to the IITs and other premier institutions.


Compact Syllabi: Audio visual aids and CD-based modules are used to speed up and reinforce learning in a comfortable study environment. The syllabus has been conceived by incorporating the best from the State / ICSE / CBSE Board Curriculum. The program in particular lays emphasis on giving students a strong foundation in mathematics, physics and chemistry.


Strategic Coaching: In order to bring out the best from its students, the faculty at SR not only imparts knowledge on each subject, they also guide and mentor students. Teacher interactions in line with 3-hour exams based on the IIT pattern enables students to turn into achievers.


Enhancing Skills: Exercises aimed at improving problem solving and analytical skills keep students up to the mark at every stage. Tests are conducted periodically and every effort is made to keep the school environs exciting and competitive with excellent study modules.


Math Olympiad: Students of SR are specifically trained to give off their best at the yearly Math Olympiad. Tests aimed at honing the level of competence against some of the best are conducted with regularity. At the same time training for the Olympiad is stopped 15 days before a Board exam to enable students to perform well and revise for their on coming examinations.